It all started when...

I am a tattoo artist from the small island of Jersey, United Kingdom. I didn't go into my adult life wanting and dreaming to be a tattoo artist, I've always had an eye for art but never thought that it was possible to be a tattoo artist with so many walls to overcome. 

My passion for tattoos started early, got my first bit of flash tribal at 17 and there was no going back!

Fast forward to 2013 where I began my apprenticeship, I naturally gravitated towards realism in my artwork so in between learning the foundations of tattooing I would often use my Sundays to practice portraiture/realism tattoos on any poor soul that would donate their skin.

I believe it was important to my development as an artist to try and learn different techniques early on, I still use these skills everyday in the work I do. 

I see myself as a realism artist but love to explore all types of styles, I'm always looking to other artists tattoo work and artwork for inspiration which in turn pushes my work and  how I interpret a tattoo. 

I've had such a rich journey and met some awe inspiring people, with the support from my wife and family this "job" has given me the opportunity to travel, work in different environments and learn from my peers.

The one constant that remains true and I believe is the most important is the client, without their trust and skin I wouldn't have the canvas to express my art, to them I am most thankful.